In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Vespa 50cc scooter, the graphic designers at NOMOON agency, located in Paris, France, decided to create a video showcasing the evolution of the Vespa design through the years. It turned out to be quite beautiful.

VESPALOGY from Nomoon on Vimeo.

Read more about their inspiration for the project and why they love Vespa:

1.Who designed and conceptualized the video?

It’s a team work and effort, we all gave ideas and made it happen.

2. Why do you love Vespas?

We love it because it’s modern and classic at the same time. Vespas are timeless.

3. How did you choose the colors, layout, and music for the video?

We visited the official Vespa website which had a nice timeline displaying the different models. We selected some of them and started to illustrate them. We kept the colors they had on the photos and since graphic design is what we do, we just chose good colors to match Vespas’ colors. The music was made by Mathieu Lalande from Supercarburant, our partner for music.

4. How long did it take to create the video?

We made it during our spare time, so it took a while, but we can’t say exactly how long. We started on April 15th, 2013.

5. What’s your favorite Vespa model?

Mario: 125 ET3 (1976). I like the “electronic” print and the soberness of the design.

Julien: Definitely the Vespa 125 GTR (1968) for its retro design and because it’s indestructible!

Camille: Vespa 50 N (1963), it’s so cute!

Sidonie: Vespa Helicopter (1961). It’s the most extravagant Vespa and James Bond should tidy up his gadgets!

Guillaume: I like the Vespa Montlhery (1950). It has amazing shapes, seems to be really fast and looks like a strange futuristic spaceship!

Colin: Vespa 90. Classic vintage!

Mathieu: Vespa 125 “U” (1953), it is so old school!

6. If you could design a Vespa what color and/or style would it be?

It would be retro for sure, we love vintage! We would choose colors that match anything!

7. Would you be able to provide a quote from the person that created the video about his or her inspiration?

“My inspiration came simply from the classical design style from Vespa” Mario, Artistic Director, NOMOON.

10. What’s your favorite memory riding aboard a Vespa?

Mario: My favorite memory is one I can hardly remember well. I was in Benin (where I’m from) as a kid during the holidays, and my uncle used to have a white Vespa that he loved so much. At that time he used to wash it every day and he promised to keep it for me when I grew up. Now I’m big, I think he still has it, but it’s been a while and I didn’t go back. Maybe he forgot to give it to me… maybe not.

Julien: My favorite memory is about the Vespa I had, it was a Vespa 125 TS and I don’t remember the year. I bought it for almost nothing, it had no first gear and it didn’t want to kick start. Each time I used it I had to run beside it but after, it was paradise. This is the first vehicle I had, so for me it meant freedom, I still remember my long rides in Paris during the night. With my love, my Vespa.

Camille: One of my great rides was during the social strike of 1995 in France. At this period there was no subway or bus in Paris during one complete winter month, and everybody improvised a way to get to his or her work. The delivery men used to ride on Vespas and because of the social strike they accepted to take people along to work even if it was a little bit forbidden…. it’s a great souvenir riding through Paris with professional Vespa bikers!

Sidonie: The day I had to move from my apartment to another one and I waited for a friend and his truck … but he never came. So another friend saved me with his Vespa. He came and we put all my stuff on his Vespa and after a few rides all my stuff were in my new place!

Guillaume: A few years ago, I went to Burkina Faso, Africa to see my sister. She had bought an old Vespa and took me for rides through the dusty streets of Ouagadougou. It was simply great!
Colin: A Vespa riding memory…some wind, some fun!

Mathieu: Riding a Vespa and following a beautiful girl wearing a tiny skirt.

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